Inspired Tel Aviv (ITV), Shalom LaAm Center, 54 Bar Kochva, Tel Aviv


Rabbi Avi & Leah Hill
Born in London, Rabbi Hill has over 20 years of experience in being a community Rabbi. He worked at the JLE in London for 17 years, founded and directed the Genesis Program —  the biggest Jewish leader program in Europe, and was the founder and director of JBOX — an organization which has helped hundreds of young Jewish professionals find employment, love, and meaning. He has thousands of alumni across the world and has led hundreds of Jewish educational trips to Israel, Poland, L.A. and Ukraine. 

Leah Hill has been a teacher for 25 years, and has taught Jewish Conversion for 15 years, helping hundreds of people convert to Judaism. 

Avi and Leah have 4 children, and are prolific matchmakers who have helped over 200 couples build a Jewish home!

Rabbi Gedalia & Mimi Guttentag
ITV's co-founders, have been living in Israel for the last 10 years.
Gedalia was raised in Manchester and has studied for the last 13 years in the famous yeshivot of Gateshead, and Mir in Jerusalem. He taught foreign students at the Etz Hachayim diaspora program in Jerusalem. As a writer, he has published many articles and is the editor of the Shalom LaAm Center's When Heaven Meets Earth series. 
Mimi is from London where she taught in the Hasmonean Primary School and studied law and led summer camps in the wilds of Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

R'Gedalia and Mimi have been commuting with their children to Tel Aviv for the last three years to help build ITV into the community that it is today.
Rabbi Raphael & Rachel Raiton
Rabbi Raphael Raiton initiated the idea for a Jewish-value based community in Tel Aviv in 2013. After intensive research of the existing programs and funding options, he partnered with Rabbi Gedalia Guttentag and together they founded the forerunner of iTV. Over the years the organization has evolved and grown tremendously with his involvement.
Raphael has been involved in community projects for over 15 years working with youth at risk and neighborhood programs in Israel. He is a certified mohel and is currently completing the exams for the Chief Rabbinate semicha program.
Raphael was born in New York and grew up in Telzstone, a suburb of Jerusalem.
Rachel Raiton was born and grew up in Israel. She cooks, reads  and does art projects in her free time in between taking care of their five adorable children.